Festival of Live Art
18. - 21. March 2010 - ACUD Theater, Berlin

You can buy tickets either in advance during the festival between 2 p.m. and 6 p.m in the festival centre or at the evening box office which opens at 7 p.m.

BOOKING BY PHONE: +49 (0)30 - 44 35 94 97

ONLINE-BOOKING: theater@acud.de

Tickets must be picked up at the cash desk half an hour before the start of the event you have booked.

There are reductions for students

Ticket for all festival (normal): 25euros
Ticket for all festival (students): 20euros
Ticket Day (normal): 10euros
Ticket Day (student): 6 euros
Special Ticket (who can not afford the first prices): 5euros
Performer Stammtisch members: 5euros